Istanbul Trio

“Tunes that shape our world:
We have some tunes to share – and we are grateful for every breath, every note, every smile, and every opportunity given to us to share our love, our music with the world.
​Let the music spread, let it bring joy and tranquility to the hearts…
Let it shine on the dark sides of our planet,
and let it wash the dust on our souls…
Let it bring more peace, more light…
Let there be more music, more love…”

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Pearls of Islam


“Pearls of Islam are a highly acclaimed acoustic duo, who create sweet, organic and soulful melodies through the use of their instruments; Djembe, Darbouka, Guitar and of course their voice. They are well versed in traditional Arabic Qasaaid (song) which they combine and transform with their own soulfully written songs in English. They are first generation Caribbean Muslims who were brought up on Jamaican folk music and Guyanese soca and soul music, so an influence of many cultures can be found in their words and style.

Their music has inspired and transcended the stage and grown out into community projects in which they are very active in trying to serve and give back to the community. In 2012 they set up the collective ‘The Rabbani Project’ which hosts and fuses together events and workshops surrounding Creativity and Spirituality. The following year saw them set up their drumming school called Tumaadir Drumming which was named after a female companion and poet of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).” – from