Live Stream

Virtual conference live streamed has ended. You can listen to the lectures from the conference below.

Day 1 Conference Lecture Recordings

The Pandemic as a Mirror of Ourselves: Stories of Hope and Lessons for Change with Dr. Wael Haddara

Focusing the Lens of the Microscope on the American Muslim Physician Experience with Dr. Nour Akhras

What COVID-19 Can’t Take from Us with Namariq Ahmed, RN, MN & Areej Ahmed, RN, MScN

Panel #1 Discussion: Dr. Ingrid Mattson, Dr. Wael Haddara, Sr. Namariq & Areej Ahmed, Dr. Nour Akhras

EOL Care for Unrepresented Muslims: How COVID Created a Tool Beyond the Pandemic with Ch. Khurram Ahmed

Faith, Spiritual Care and the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Prison Chaplain Response with Ch. Zubair Yousif

Loving your Neighbor in the Age of the Pandemic with Dr. Fatih Harpci

Panel Discussion #2: Imam Yasin Dwyer, Dr. Fatih Harpci, Ch. Khurram Ahmed & Ch. Zubair Yousif