Day 2 Stream

Day 2 Conference Lecture Recordings

Improving Mental Health in a Global Pandemic: An Islamic Model of Application – Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Contemplation As Resilience: Finding a Balance Between the Individual and Communal- Alina Jabbari

Practical Tools from Islamic Tradition to Build Resiliency in Times of Trauma- Dr. Abdallah Rothman

Panel Discussion #4: Dr. Muhammad Tahir, Alina Jabbari, Dr. Abdallah Rothman & Dr. Hakan Gok

Join us Online: A Case Study of Muslim Community Connection During COVID-19- Lauren Schreiber

When a Crisis Empties Mosques: A Case Study of Germany & Austria’s Response- Dr. Mahmoud Abdallah

Zoom Ramadan: Possibilities for Virtual Gathering in Post-Normal Times- Sanaa Khan & Insha Khan

Reflections from a Muslim Elder- Hajja Ashaki Taha-Cisse

Panel Discussion #5: Dr. Tamara Gray, Lauren Schreiber, Dr. Abdallah, Sanaa & Insha Khan, Hajja Ashaki

Extracting & Contextualizing Leadership Values from the Quran during the Pandemic- Samira Ibrahim